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Repair of Damaged Lamp

Here is a sequence of pictures to a severely damaged lamp sent to me for repair from Yorkshire.

The top two pictures were sent by the customer so an assessment of the damage could be made for a possible repair and on doing so the lamp was then sent to me. The next stage was to mark out all the broken pieces of glass and ease out the dent back to its original shape to enable templates to be drawn up to all the broken glass, from there the glass was then matched up in colour & texture (not always possible but in this case there was a perfect match). Once this had been done the next step was dismantling all the broken glass after all the new pieces had been cut to the templates also taking care removing the glass from the dragonfly filigree (as seen in the pictures). The final stage was to re-build the lamp, copper foiling each individual piece into place then soldering together leaving a nice smooth solder beam, then using “Patina” solution to stain the colouring of the solder and finally a good clean & polish up of the lamp.

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Customers Testimonial

“When my Tiffany lamp fell from a 5ft shelf onto the hearth I thought the damage was irreparable.The shade was misshapen and several panels of glass shattered. We went to the shop where the lamp was purchased and received very little help and no pointers whatsoever, I thought that we’d have to replace the entire lamp. After a quick internet search I found Witney Stained Glass and promptly got in touch. Now the lamp has been returned in perfect condition I realise how wrong I was. I’m very glad I was able to keep the lamp that was a present several Christmases ago as it was a lovely item in an otherwise plain living room. The repaired lamp has little evidence of its tribulations!! Neil was very helpful and kept in touch to update us as to the progress he was making as the glass was matched and the dragonflies replaced. When the lamp returned I felt that we had received the best service and excellent price we could have hoped for.Thanks for all your help and a job well done.”

– (Ailsa Cummins – Yorkshire)