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Repair of Damaged Lamp

Here is a sequence of pictures to a damaged lamp sent to me for repair from Warlingham in Surrey.

This is a hanging lamp which was damaged mainly bent in and dis-lodged glass which some pieces needed replacing and re-aligned. To start with the repair was to remove the hanging chain/support of the hanging lamp and then release the pressure of the bend to the lamp, this enable you to take out some of the glass to form the shape of the lamp. Most of the original glass was saved so very much clean them up, fresh copper foiling and re-solder into place.

Once this is done a tidy up of the solder lines, then using “Patina” solution to stain the colouring of the solder and finally a good clean & polish up of the lamp.

Here are a selection of pictures of this process of repairing the lamp from the beginning to the finished lamp repaired.

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