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Repair of Damaged Lamp

Here is a sequence of pictures to a damaged lamp sent to me for repair from Leicester.

This lamp damage is where the vase cap had started to come away from the lamp luckily taken off the stand before any further damage. To start with the repair was to remove the vase cap totally away from the lamp and give it a good de-soldering and clean, normally when these vase caps start to separate from lamps they move sections or the top pieces of glass so the object is to remove all the loose glass clean it, re-copper foil and solder back into place.

Once this is done some wire strengthening is added to the top part of the lamp connecting all the glass then the vase cap can then be attached with solder both outside and inside leaving a nice smooth solder beam, then using “Patina” solution to stain the colouring of the solder and finally a good clean & polish up of the lamp.

Here are a selection of pictures of this process of repairing the lamp from the finished lit up picture to the beginning.

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