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Butterfly and Lavender Panel

Stained Glass Butterfly and Lavender Panel

This stained glass panel was a commission made for a private residential premises.

The panel is situated internally therefore I decided to construct the panel using the copper foiling method.

The butterfly and lavender design to shine both artificial and natural light against the colours and textures of the glass.

The panel is to situated in the hallway covering different directions from the lounge, stairs, dining room and the hallway.

I was asked to design this panel as a personal sentimental reminder, with lasting memories for the family and future generations.

The panel is situated in the hallway covering four directions from the lounge, stairs, dining room and hallway.

I have taken a selection of pictures to show the process of construction in different light conditions and positions.

This shows the pure beauty of a stained glass door panel in rich vibrant colours and textures.

The reflections within different light sources which is unique to its location and also for the customer.

The design, artwork, pictures and images are copyright to Witney Stained Glass 2017.

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