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The Daffodil Lamp

This is a selection of pictures showing the making and construction of the 16 inch diameter daffodil lamp (636 pieces of glass).

The pattern was purchased from the Worden Lamp Kits several years back now and had made one before, the glass used is completely up to you. This particular lamp was commissioned to make early 2013 and to make it unique to the customer I chose to use slightly different glass for the boarders and background respectively.

Although many would expect making these lamps would take time (which is correct) the process isnt completely understood so heres a few examples of the build up to making one of these tiffany lamps starting from the top pictures.

Commencing with attaching the pattern strips to the full form moulds and then the secondary templated to cut the glass, this goes on to selecting the glass to be using and cutting the glass into shape and attaching to the mould (I tend to use pins to hold the glass in place as you are building up the lamp). Once this has been done each piece of glass is then individually wrapped in copper foil ready for soldering, after this the lamps solder lines are stained using a black patina solution, strenth lines attached to the top and bottom of the lamp, the vase cap attached to the top and finally the whole lamp is the cleaned and polished.

Finally the pictures of the lamp taken in different locations, time of day and postions to show the depth of colours, reflections and domination of light in a room.

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