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Part of the Fusion Collection

Following a meeting with glass artist Neil Witney I knew I had met someone who was as passionate about colour, movement and reflection as I was!.

Combining my two favourite elements onto canvas the paint and glass seem to embrace each other throughout the curves and lines, whilst providing stunning reflection and light. These paintings are simply breath taking.

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The Fusion Collection

Reflective, Embracing, Pure Beauty

This piece was created and named “Into the Light” as part of the Fusion collection (reflection, embracing, pure beauty) which can be found on Kealey’s website on

Artwork, pictures and images are copyright to Kealey Farmer 2009.

Strong sweeping brushstrokes with acrylic paint and a selection of coloured glass were used in this piece “Into the Light”, in the flowing hair, around the waist, the arm/wrist, flowing around the lower leg/ankle and random areas throughout the painting.

Kealey’s work is based on symbolic energy and results in a strong emotional reaction.


The glass pieces introduced into the paintings are all hand cut to design not laser cuts or glass saw cuts by glass artist Neil Witney.

Specifically designed to give that flowing movement and form a natural relationship with the painting.

The pieces are unique and bespoke in the way the glass can easily be identified by both artists as they are cut by hand and incorporated into the design. The benchmark has been set so watch this space!


A unique partnership has captured both reflection, emotion and energy on one single canvas.

‘Into the Light’ is designed to create a reaction from within – feel it rather than just see it. Pure breath taking beauty.

To view more of Kealey’s exquisite work visit –

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