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Commissioned Golden anniversary panel

This is a commission for a 50th golden anniversary panel to be hung with chain in a conservatory, the panel was constructed using the copper foiling method.

The best way to explaining the meaning of this commission is the testimonial given by the customers below.

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Customer Testimonial

“Thanks to Neil Witney for his diligence, patience and imagination. He spent time with my brother and myself looking at pictures, choosing colours and listening to our ideas. He advised and interpreted this into a very meaningful template to create a piece of personalised and bespoke glass art for our Mum and Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary.

We wanted to use impressionist images of buildings from places that are very meaningful to them. Their birthplace represented by Durham Cathedral and the place they have spent the majority of their married life represented by Towcester Town Hall. The initials are theirs, the H being their surname, A’s being their first initials of their Christian names. The two hearts represent the love they have for each other and the love of their friends and family past and present. The colour palette is based on the stained glass above the door to the church in which they were married, in Sherburn Village in the county of Durham, now demolished. This also fitted with the Golden theme representing 50 years of happily married life. All these elements are intertwined representing their long lives together.

The beauty of the piece is further enhanced by the changing light quality throughout the day and into the evening. Reflecting and refracting the permitting light through the coloured and textured glass. In using iridescent glass for the initials Neil has highlighted the most golden metallic elements within the piece. Our Mum and Dad were blown away by this beautiful, quality piece and it made their day even more special. Once again Neil, sending our heartfelt gratitude.

Lynne and David Harland………Northants

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