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Mehndi Hand

This rendition represents in an artistic approach to the intricate design of the “Mehndi Hand” in a different art form ie: stained glass panel.

In this design I have chosen the base colour of the hand in a light amber water glass (spectrum) which has a rippling effect against natural and artificial light. I have used a rich darker amber water glass (spectrum) on each finger representing branches and from there a selection of green glass depicting leaves, these colours can also be found lower down on the hand which includes a rich red glass representing jewels.

As the Mehndi Hand is an intricate design, so was the construction in a complex way with many parts of the glass pieces smaller than fingertip size.

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The Design

There are 397 pieces of glass (390 in the hand itself) all hand cut to design with the edges of the glass wrapped in copper foiling and then soldered, the surrounding glass is a clear rippled waterglass (spectrum). The soldering was then cleaned and stained using a copper “Patina” solution to give a copper finishing effect. Brass “came” was used for the edging to give a smooth and strong edge to the panel, this brass “came” was solder “tinned” and then stained with the copper “Patina” solution to match the rest of the panel in its finishing look. This stained glass panel measures 53cm x 45cm which is supported in an iron wrought gallery stand, this allows the piece to be viewed from all angles and for the observer(s) to see the soldering and finishing effect is to an equal standard on both sides.


I believe this is the first Mehndi Hand rendition to be made in a stained glass panel (if not please let me know) therefore it now has its own presence to be viewed on-line for all to see. I have taken several pictures of the Mehndi stained glass panel to show the changes and impact of the glass and colours in different light conditions and positioning.

Please feel free to make any comments or remarks regarding the Mehndi Hand.

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